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English - Canada

The study trip to Canada provided a unique opportunity to explore a culture of innovation and excellence. 

Over two enriching weeks, participants engaged in cutting-edge academic programs at McGill University, expanding their knowledge in strategic innovation, and design thinking, and strengthening their transformational leadership skills. These seminars were interactive, designed to be real-world oriented led by engaging faculty Chantal Westgate, Niels Billou, PhD, Alex Boussetta, Susan Mintzberg, and Robert Nason.

Among the highlights of this study trip, participants visited Flex Group, a renowned company specializing in advanced technological solutions. During this visit, participants were inspired by the journey of Flex Group's leader mostafa chafi, who shared his vision, experience, and the innovations that propelled the company to success. This encounter sparked curiosity and reinforced the participants' determination to embrace innovation and entrepreneurship in their own professional paths.

We were welcomed by the CEO of ABIPA Jean Blondin, a leading company in the aerospace sector. This meeting allowed us to understand the challenges and opportunities of the aerospace industry, as well as the innovations implemented by ABIPA to stay at the forefront of the sector.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to meet with Montréal International, an organization dedicated to the economic promotion of Montreal. This meeting helped us understand the importance of international cooperation in economic and entrepreneurial development. We were impressed by the efforts made by Montreal International to attract investments, encourage innovation, and foster economic growth in the region.

This study trip was a transformative experience for our participants, managers, and leaders from Moroccan companies, enhancing their understanding of the global business world and broadening their professional horizons.

We had the privileged opportunity to meet President Abhir Amal of the aerospace association, who opened the doors to major Canadian companies for us. Her unwavering support and efforts to facilitate this enriching experience demonstrate her commitment to the education and development of Moroccan talents.

The EMBA program at ISCAE enjoys strong support and a network of international partners committed to the success of the program and the transformative experience of our participants.

EMBA participants were true ambassadors of Moroccan business leaders during our study trip. Their expertise, commitment, and exemplary representation strengthened our presence and influence among international economic stakeholders. Their ability to build strong relationships, share innovative ideas, and promote the interests of Moroccan businesses was admirable. We are proud of our EMBA participants who brilliantly represented the Moroccan business.